The spirit world uses the life experiences and memories of the medium to pass on validating messages to friends and relatives here in the physical world in order to bring comfort and confirmation that ‘life’ continues on the other side.                                                  

I am clairvoyant, (clear seeing through the 3rd eye) clairsentient, (clear feeling or empathic) clairaudient, (clear hearing) and claircognizant, (clear knowing)

I am now privileged to teach other people to open up to spirit, to become mediums in their own  right, through my Meetup Group



I also offer private readings in my home and group mediumship readings in Oakville/Burlington & surrounding areas.

Feel free to contact me at spiritsrwe@gmail.com  or call 905-339-1416 to make a booking or to chat about whether a reading would be appropriate for you.